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Brand Partnerships

Maggie is NO gatekeeper and LOVES sharing with her followers amazing products

that will take their health to the NEXT LEVEL.  These are her current brand partnerships.

Make sure you use the discount and let her know what you think! 


Restore Hyper Wellness: Little Rock
11525 Cantrell Rd. #605

Improve sleep, energy and mood. Boost focus and reclaim your cognitive edge. Decrease pain, inflammation and signs of aging.  No matter what your “do more goal” is, Restore Hyper Wellness has a service to help you feel better than you thought possible! 


RHWLR offers Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, IV Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Infrared Sauna, and MUCH. MORE.

Use Maggie's Discount Code:

BELL23 for 20% OFF!


Therasage has completely revolutionized personal heating products with its patented line of Full Spectrum Infrared Portable Saunas & Healing Pads, Living Water, EMF Protection Devices, Ozone made easy and more!!! Therasage signature gemstone technology and grounding adds additional benefits to their line of natural healing devices. 

Use Maggie's Discount Code:



CellCore Supplements

CellCore Biosciences promotes the body’s natural ability to detox through the utilization of Carbon Technology.  CellCore is dedicated to providing their clients with the products, support, and education to help you understand how to approach root cause solutions in a whole new way.

*Consultation by Maggie is required before the purchase of these products.

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