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THE Bangin' Body Boot Camp 

Maggie's Signature Program

Bangin' Body Boot Camp
3 Core Pillars



Identify the Problem.

What exactly is holding you back from achieving your health goal(s)?

Maggie will help you identify this so that you can finally accomplish your goals.  


YOU are the problem.



Rewire Your Thinking.

Have you ever felt like you are too old, take too many medications, have been diagnosed with too many chronic diseases, and/or are just too far gone when it comes to your health?  These thoughts are simply not true and in order to achieve ANY goal you have to BELIEVE that a better life is possible for you.  No matter what you have been told and what you see.  



Rebuild Your Nutrition.

In order to achieve your health goal(s), you HAVE to have a basic understanding of food and how it impacts your body.  You MUST understand Macronutrients, Nutrition Fact Labels, how your plate should be structured,  as well as the importance of Movement, Sleep, Stress Management, Cortisol, Detoxification, & Self-Concept  

What Is Included With
The Bangin' Body Boot Camp?

The Bangin' Body Boot Camp is a 6-Week Nutrition & Wellness Program that addresses the Mind, Body & Soul.  You will be educated on the Basics of Nutrition & Wellness Principles and be held accountable with Daily and Weekly Check-Ins with Maggie.  Upon graduation, you will feel empowered to make your own decisions surrounding your health. 

Initial Nutrition Assessment +

2 Nutrition Follow-Ups

Individualized Nutrition Plan

Daily Accountability with the

Coach Catalyst App

Weekly Check-Ins

with Maggie

Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner

7 Day Detox

Equilife Solutions

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